Conference 2020

The Board has decided to not hold a Professional Development Institute in conjunction with the ACA Conference in San Diego. Location on MGCA conference events will be added as they become known.

MGCA Schedule of Events:

MGCA Board Meeting                                   Wednesday, 15 April, 1:30-3:30pm

MGCA Membership Business Meeting          Thursday, 16 April, 2-3:30pm

MGCA Reception                                           Thursday, 16 April, 7-9pm

MGCA Sponsored Sessions:

Jillian Lombardozzi and Judith J. Mathewson – 90 minute session “Implementing Trauma-Informed Care with U.S. Veterans”

Franc Hudspeth – 60 minute session “PTSD in the Family: Neurobiological Changes Across the Family”

Katie K. Sacco and Benjamin Noah – 30 minute poster session “Integrating Equine Animal-Assisted Interventions Working with Military Populations”